Our purpose

Fostering a new green revolution, based on science and innovation.

Building a better world through sustainable agriculture.

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What we do

In Cálice Biotech we developed a technology platform that combines data science, bioinformatics, and gene editing tools to produce plants that are more productive, resistant and environment-friendly.

We create the best plants, from the beginning


First, using computational tools we study which genes are responsible for a desirable trait in order to develop the most promising plants.


Then, we edit the genes of interest using proprietary CRISPR-Cas9 tools creating Non-GMO plants that will grow in controlled environments reaching their highest genetic potential.


Finally, we validate the new gene-edited plants with improved traits in field conditions. The data obtained is used to feed and reinforce our technology platform.

Supported by the best

We have a passionate and experienced team with a renowned background in business and plant biotechnology who seek to create a better world unlocking the power of plant genetics.

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